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What We Do

What We Do

We provide business transformations through digital integrations and migrations, technical project management, IT leadership and HR management services.

What does that mean for your business?

Increased Efficiency Business transformation can be described as the process by which companies reorganize processes and strategies around business outcomes. This process often begins with achieving goals in operational efficiency through the integration of digital technologies and training in new technical skills and competencies. We provide value chain analysis to identify obstacles and focus on technology implementation to improve process mapping, optimize workflows, reduce processing time and simplify data input. At MTE we specialize in helping you to identify and incorporate the right technologies to better serve your business needs today and those that will grow with you tomorrow. We support the integration of new, or the enhancement of old, programs from the inside-out. Our project management team works with your external stakeholders to provide direction, track deadlines and ensure quality. At the same time, our change management team supports your internal stakeholders to transform mindsets and instill confidence with ongoing training programs, innovation and use workshops and individual coaching. We offer further services to grow your employer brand by providing full talent management, including: - Recruitment - Retention strategies  - Standardized hiring processes  - Job analysis and design - Compensation and incentive model review - Terminations  - Employee handbooks  - Policy development  - Training and skills development  - Performance management - Wellness and workplace enhancement programs  - Succession planning  - Implementation of HRIS systems

Sustainable Growth Coordination of successful business transformation requires unique considerations specific to each organization, however, one thing that it always includes is deep consideration of internal and external stakeholder impact. As a partner in your growth, it's not only what we build but how we build it that matters.   Through our integrated process we work with you to identify goals with measurable value. We then translate those goals into individual initiatives with meaningful metrics to evaluate the success of each over the journey of the transformation. This ensures that we can be adaptable to change and that desired outcomes are consistently relevant and able to be met. In planning with you for the future, we act like internal departments to create scalable systems, tailored to your needs and budget. We work directly with your service providers to ensure the that all deliverables are in alignment with these desired outcomes. Your digital infrastructure is a tangible business asset. To safeguard its value, our lean system designs are aimed at unification, to protect your business from technological fragmentation, data redundancy, bloated digital architecture and unnecessary expenses. Lastly we support the growth of your most valuable business asset, your people. Lasting change begins from the inside out so, we back all change initiatives with an organizational change management plan designed to help your talent recognize the need for the change and transition their behaviors to support the project's success.

Adaptability and Resillience In a time of unprecedented disruption, organizations have been forced to undergo rapid transformations. It has become essential that businesses embrace agile and resilient models in all areas of operations. This truth is the heart of the business transformation movement. Over the past four years we have seen many businesses adopt dynamic new practices, innovative technologies, and even counter-intuitive methodologies to maintain their competitive advantage. The good news is that this disruption has also contributed to the rapid evolution and emergence of digital tools. These tools can help us virtualize and better manage people and processes, enable us to rapidly share information and grant us accelerated feedback in the form of powerful data analytics. Partnership with MTE will empower your business to navigate and select from the myriad of digital tools. We will enable your organization to re-imagine established norms and uncover new opportunities.   Depending on your organization's size, complexity and goals this can include: ​ - Establishing virtual business architecture - O365 Cloud migrations   - Collaboration environment design and integration - Enhanced communication tools   - Automated workflows, reporting and decision making  - AI-powered insights and data analysis  - Standardized global processes - Secure remote access systems and policies - Enhancing the efficiency of mobile workforces   - Microservices, APIs or custom apps to optimize: - Customer relationship management   - Inventory, warehouse and asset management - Supply chain management - Digital records management  - Human resources management - Finance management - Complete Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems - Post-acquisition integrations - Integrated physical and digital security systems  The COVID-19 pandemic has also emphasized the need for enhanced data security and lean, high performing business cultures. MTE can help future-proof your business by working with you to establish dynamic comprehensive plans for disaster data recovery, business continuity and rapid organizational transitions to meet the challenges of the future.

Strategic Planning and Innovation Fueled by ever evolving human expectations, unstable supply chains, disrupted industries and uncertain economic environments, innovation is constantly challenging business theories, models and processes. Many businesses are finding that maintaining the status quo and achieving incremental improvements are no longer enough to sustain their growth. Business transformation is the ongoing response to innovation. One of the the most-often overlooked benefits of business transformation as an ongoing and strategic business process is the lifecycle it shares with innovation and new business opportunities. Businesses that are successfully able to transform in response to innovation evolve to capture new markets. Our goal at MTE is to be your partner throughout this cycle. Partnership with MTE enables your business to benefit from our ever-growing knowledge and experience in project management, business technology, talent management, process design and implementation. Whether you work with us for a single project or we support your business with ongoing services, it is our goal to gain a deep understanding of your value goals and to provide you with a strategy for how your organization will create, deliver and capture that value. Wo do this by working with you to: - Understand your mission and business strategy - Achieve strategic clarity and consensus  - Identify value goals based on your mission and current capabilities - Align goals with understanding for transformation outcomes - Prioritize initiatives based on business impact and capability - Foster a culture of innovation  - Evolve to take advantage of new opportunities

Unlock the full potential of your talent and technology by partnering with us in our mission to grow small and medium local businesses. 

Working in concert with your organization's purpose, priorities and people our team provides dynamic solutions to evolve technologies, processes and mindsets. We drive immediate value while building an agile foundation that scales with your growth, making sustainability your competitive advantage. ​

Your growth is our business. We succeed when you thrive.

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